What is the criteria?

The Summit to Sea project is inviting you to share your ideas for projects which could help see nature and people thrive in mid Wales.

Based on the vision and four main themes co-designed by people in the area we have developed this criteria, which we’ve outlined below, to help you suggest and develop ideas which could be included in future funding applications that the project will be developing.

You might not be able to answer all of these questions or considerations but we’d encourage you to share your ideas with us no matter how developed they are. We have a team of people ready to help explore your idea and incorporate it with other ideas if it matches enough of our criteria.

The Criteria 

We want to help nature thrive and have impact at scale so your idea should:

  • Work across different land owners/managers/users – to build greater connectivity and impact at scale
  • Improve connectivity, diversity and health of ecological systems and habitats
  • Introduces or develops processes which are more natural allowing nature to take over
  • Helps to restore a significant area of habitat (fully or partially)

We want the economy to support nature and have impact at scale, so your idea should:

  • Lead to a better connection between businesses, enterprise, the economy and nature
  • Consider how the idea has impact in the long-term, or can be funded beyond an initial injection of financial support
  • Supports the local economy, either through local procurement of services or goods when available or by ensuring the idea benefits the local economy

We want people to thrive alongside nature, so your idea should:

  • Demonstrate you’ve considered the people effected by your idea, and ideally spoken to, or involved them in developing the idea
  • Ensures that the Welsh language is treated equally to English
  • Leads to greater connectivity of people with wildlife and builds their ecological understanding.

You can read the full criteria developed by the Liaison Group here.

Ideas so far

We’ve been hearing lots of ideas from different people over the last year and have been capturing these along the way. You can have a read of these ideas here. We’ll also share any new ideas here as we recieve them.

How to share your idea

You can complete our short form below, or send us a brief outline of your idea, who would be involved in delivering it (if you know already) and how much you think it might cost and why. We’d like to know who you’ve spoken to about your idea already, or who you would like to speak to about it if it’s developed. You can read a full version of this criteria for ideas here.

What will happen next?

Our co-design group will match your idea against our criteria and be in touch if it scores highly to be developed further. Because we want to have impact at scale and be strategic this might mean the co-design group link your idea with another one and will invite you to explore this with them.

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