O'r Myndd i'r Mor / Summit to Sea

How to share your ideas and shape the project

Since May 2020 Summit to Sea has been holding conversations with the communities from Machynlleth to Aberystwyth and Llanidloes in the east to the coastline of Cardigan Bay in the west. These conversations have focused on how the local community, businesses and land managers can work together to support nature in this part of Wales to flourish from summit to sea, alongside thriving communities and a local economy embedded in, and supported by, the landscape. 

The project has held workshops, talks, community drop-in sessions and launched its Community Facilitators programme to make sure as many people as possible have been able to input into this process. If you want to see how these conversations have been developing you can read our ongoing project summary here

During these workshops and conversations we’ve been capturing the ideas and topics raised as areas for improvement or particular examples that have inspired people. We’ve turned these into four themes:

  1. Nature friendly and sustainable food, forestry and fishing systems
  2. Wildlife rich habitats which are better connected
  3. Re-connecting people with nature and our use of the land and sea
  4. Re-connecting the economy to nature – through local supply chains and businesses which are nature friendly

These themes represent the areas of interest of the people and communities who have taken part in the project to date. Based on these four main themes we have developed a  criteria to help you suggest and develop specific ideas which could be included in future funding applications that the project will be developing over this year.  

We really want to hear your ideas which would address these themes, you might be a group, an individual or a local business. You might not be able to answer all of these questions or considerations, but we’d encourage you to share ideas with us no matter how developed they are. Our co-design group and project team are ready to help explore your idea and incorporate it with other ideas if it matches our criteria.

How does it work?

  • You could share your idea by completing this short and simple form 
  • Read through some of the ideas we’ve been gathering to date and share your response to these
  • Contact us by e-mailing sian.stacey@summit2sea.wales with any questions you might have
  • Call us on  07395852264
  • Or come to one of our community drop-in sessions to share your ideas in person

Our co-design group will score these ideas against the criteria and develop any ideas that align closely enough with the project vision. Because we want to have impact at scale and be strategic this might mean the co-design group linking your idea with another.

We’ll then be presenting these ideas for discussion within our Liaison Group and share these for wider feedback and suggestions from the community as these specific ideas are developed.

We’ve already heard so many brilliant ideas, and you can read these ideas here, but there is still time to share your big idea with us! 

Hear more about how the project has developed these criteria and what the process will be by watching the latest update video. 

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