O'r Myndd i'r Mor / Summit to Sea

Sharing the Blueprint

Over the last 18 months the Summit to Sea project has been inviting a wide range of people to take part in co-designing a future where nature and people thrive in Mid Wales. The project has held workshops, talks, drop-in sessions and one to one meetings with hundreds of people in the area to hear from as many people as possible who want to help develop locally based solutions to the challenges we all face in biodiversity decline and climate change.

Over the Winter the project team has pulled together everything that’s been shared with the project into one document, the Blueprint, which captures the ambition and vision heard. The project  heard about a deep desire to positively engage with the challenges of the future, to think global and act local, not to react to the agendas and narratives of others, but to build on the best of what we have. To learn from and develop on our rich history within our landscape, to learn together and take advantage of the opportunities for additional learning that lie both locally and far further afield, and consequently to innovate and join-up locally in order to have impact at scale. It’s about collaboration within an empowered community, giving local stakeholders control and ownership of their own priorities, and sharing our practises, learning and knowledge with pride and a desire to collectively improve our area for nature, for ourselves, for our guests and customers, and for future generations.

“I’m really excited to share this Blueprint with people. It’s been an honour to bring together everyone’s input into this document and I’m looking forward to working with people and organisations on bringing this Blueprint into reality.”

Siân Stacey, Project Development Officer

This Blueprint is available for anybody to read on the project website. Over the coming months we’ll be developing the specific ideas shared within the Blueprint into a series of proposals to take to funding bodies. If you’re interested in being involved in developing any proposals, or would like to know more about being involved in the project please contact Sian Stacey, Project Development Officer by e-mailing sian.stacey@summit2sea.wales

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