Who are we?

A vision of this scale requires a coordinated effort between landowners, communities, farmers, fishers, foresters, public bodies, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), businesses and relevant experts.

The project is currently being co-designed with the local community and key stakeholders, people who are effected by and interested in developing solutions to making this part of Wales even better for nature and people. 

The project is currently delivered by a project team, supported by a co-design group and draws on expertise from a Liaison Group. During this co-design phase the project is hosted by RSPB Cymru, with oversight from five other partners

Project Team

Siân Stacey – Project Development Officer

The current stage of the project is coordinated by Siân, who has been working for the project (originally as the Community Engagement Coordinator) since August 2019. Siân is holding conversations with local stakeholders and the community through the project development phase, and you can read more about that process here.

Siân is experienced in making the most of community, heritage and natural assets, and is passionate about exploring how we respond locally to the climate and biodiversity crisis.

Gwenno Edwards – Co-design Facilitator

Originally from Dyffryn Nantlle, and with family in Aberystwyth, Gwenno Edwards is an innovation and design consultant who works mainly with the public and civic sectors. She has led projects that design new solutions for complex problems with a wide variety of clients across the UK including schools, NHS Trusts, local authority teams and community groups.

Gwenno uses participatory research and co-design methods to change the balance of power about who gets to come up with ideas and make decisions about things that affect our day to day lives.  

Steve Evison – Lead Advisor

Steve Evison, from Nearly Wild, is leading the advisory team of the project. This includes shaping locally sourced and appropriate nature-friendly ecological solutions that can work at scale for both nature and a strong local economy and community.

Steve has lived and worked in land management in Mid and North Wales (as well as further afield in the UK and overseas) for over 30 years, including roles as a long-term conservation volunteer and worker, an agricultural contractor, a forestry manager, a consultant supporting community engagement and project development for large scale wildlife, ecology and heritage projects in terrestrial and marine environments, and most recently, supporting the growth and visibility of nature-based business.

Hannah Scrase – Advisor

Based in Mid-Wales, Hannah has a backround in woodland management, conservation and natural resources. She works with local landowners to develop and deliver woodland habitats alongside existing land management.

Dafydd Morris Jones – Advisor

Dafydd farms a hillfarm of 160ha in Mid Wales. The farm business is focused on sheep as it’s primary product, but Dafydd also operates a tourism, events and adventure activities business on the land. With a formative background in youth-work and outdoor pursuits instruction, and having gained considerable experience in training and facilitation in the rural and humanitarian sectors, Dafydd has used his skills to develop a diverse employment portfolio. More recently, Dafydd’s work has focused increasingly on inclusive and collaborative approaches to business, sector and policy development.

David Bavin – Advisor

David is an experienced conservation professional, bringing a multi-disciplinary approach to his work. Combining learning and training in ecology, biological and social science, environmental psychology, human dimensions of wildlife, and environmental conflict resolution, to tackle conservation challenges. David has also have developed a specialist understanding of wildlife reintroductions and environmental conflicts. 

Irene Evison – Advisor

A passionate advocate for connecting people and the natural world, Irene brings experience gained over nearly 30 years in consultancy and voluntary work to practice. Irene runs Nearly Wild, a new company focused on sharing learning to benefit nature through nature-friendly businesses, co-designing local approaches and supporting nature-friendly solutions at scale. 

Mick Green – Advisor

Mick is an experienced ecologist with over 40 years expertise in ecological survey and assessment and Conservation Policy including survey work, research, and assessments in a variety of environments in the UK and especially Wales. Survey work includes extensive work on upland birds, rivers and in the marine environment. Mick undertakes ecological impact assessments from scoping through to assessment, including training of other professionals, and developing monitoring and survey techniques.

Nigel Dudley – Advisor

Nigel Dudley lives in the Dyfi Valley. He has been involved in monitoring and evaluation of protected areas and ecosystem services for many years, principally in the tropics, and is delighted to have the chance to bring some experience to bear in his home patch

Heulwen Davies – Communications

Based in the heart of the project area and originally from the Dyfi Valley Heulwen brings a wealth of experience in communications and local knowledge to the team. 

Fiona Walker – RSPB Lead

Fiona provides support to the project, reporting and liaising with Endangered Landscapes Programme and the Project Development Officer and ensuring the project is doing what it set out to do.

Cambrian Mountains Iniative Joint Working

We’ve partnered with the Cambrian Mountains Initiative to understand more about how businesses in the area work with and benefit nature. We’re interested to hear from the people who earn their living working with natural resources, e.g. farming, forestry, smallholding, fisheries, mountain biking etc.

As the project has continued to develop we have been building a co-design group. This group includes a cross-section of interests from the area and represent specific communities or people that are effected by the challenges we face. We are always checking that we have the right balance of people involved in this group, so if you think your community or interest isn’t represented please get in touch so that we can chat about that further and work out how we can address that.

A group of individuals representing organisations working in the area, or representing individuals from the area. This group has a balance across the main areas of interest including: land & sea based industries (e.g. farming, fishing, forestry), conservation, community, wider business, heritage. This group act as a critical friend to the co-design group, providing feedback and recommendations on the ideas that are developed.

Liaison Group meetings will take place on:

  • Monday 30th November 2020
  • Tuesday 29th June 2021
  • Wednesday 8th September 2021
  • Wednesday 13th October 2021
  • Wednesday 12th January 2021

If you’d like to join the Liaison Group or attend a meeting as an observor please get in touch to be included in the circulation list. 


Current project host organisation 

RSPB Cymru

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) Cymru is the largest wildlife conservation NGO in Europe, with over 1.2 million subscribing members. It manages just over 200 nature reserves throughout the UK, including Ynys-hir on the Dyfi estuary. As well as delivering projects and wider conservation management at the landscape-scale, its work includes environmental research, advisory, education, policy and advocacy work. The RSPB has extensive experience of high nature value farming, and managing priority habitats and species on its own land, working in close partnership with other conservation bodies and local communities, as well as the wider international advocacy work through our BirdLife partners.

Get involved 

Most of all, the project needs wide-scale people-power behind it. We want to hear what matters to you, your visions, plans and fears for the future. The project is growing from the vision of people, and to stand a chance of succeeding it must continue to be completely connected to the people who live and work here. See more ways of being in touch and getting involved here.

Former project partners

The following organisations have previously been involved in the project but are now no longer involved:

WWF Cymru

On the 5th of October 2020, WWF Cymru stepped back from being a partner on the Summit to Sea project.  The Partnership will evolve throughout the development of the project with organisations, businesses or individuals engaging in the partnership at key points. With  the strong focus on co-designing with the local community and stakeholders in the next phase, WWF Cymru identified this as an  important time in the project development with opportunities for locally based partners to come on board.

WWF Cymru is proud to have been part of the partnership which has progressed significantly since its inception, and will continue to support its development whilst looking forward to hearing what the co-design process produces.

Rewilding Britain

Rewilding Britain stepped aside from the project in October 2019, they remained as hosts of the staff team until May 2020. However during this time Woodland Trust and RSPB Cymru formed a transitionary management group as Rewilding Britain played no part in the development of the project from October 2019 onwards.



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