O'r Myndd i'r Mor / Summit to Sea

Your ideas – themes from Workshop 1

A few weeks ago we held an online workshop to discuss the vision for the Summit to Sea project, and to identify the themes that are of interest to local people. 

We had interesting and exciting discussions by sharing opinions and ideas in small discussion groups. The two big questions were:

1. How can the land and the sea do more for us and for nature in the future? 
2. How might we make this happen?  

There were a range of backgrounds and interest amongst the 50+ people who attended. Thank you very much to the voluntary facilitators who helped to lead discussions and take notes of everything. 

These are the main themes that were present in the discussions: 

The importance of the co-design process
  • Involving a wide range of people 
Connecting people to nature
  • Developing the nature-based economy 
  • Improving accessibility and inclusion 
  • Education 
Biodiversity enhancement 
  • Marine – explore aquaculture, stop dredging, blue carbon ecosystems 
  • Woodland expansion – restoring Celtic Rainforest
  • ‘Wilder’ spaces – alongside production 
Sustainable land and sea management 
  • Bespoke support for ‘starter farmers’ 
  • Rewards for working at landscape scale/in partnership 
  • Host demonstrations on farms to share good practise 

You can read all the notes from the workshop here. We are still exploring the vision and themes before we move on to the next steps in the co-design process (which will be to generate and develop specific ideas)We would like to hear stories and ideas from more people who live in the area. To join in with the process go to our Get Involved page or click on the links below to register for our workshops on the 10th December 2020.

If you have any questions about the notes or about the prosiect in general please email sian.stacey@summit2sea.wales

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